myCampus Parent Portal

The State of South Dakota has been implementing a program called myCampus Parent Portal that allows the school to create student schedules, display attendance, and record assignment and grades.  The school sees the Parent Portal as a means to further promote educational excellence and to enhance communication with parents.  As parents, you will find instant access to accurate, current and confidential information about your child(ren)ís school attendance, grades, class assignments, midterms, report cards, and high school transcripts.

We foresee this as a win-win situation for both the parents and the school district.  Infinite Campus has plans to continue adding more features.  We hope you will enroll in the program (if you have access to the internet) to get faster access to your child(ren)ís information.  

In response for the privilege of accessing the Tri-Valley School Districtís myCampus Parent Portal, every parent is expected to act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner.  The myCampus portal is available to every parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the Tri-Valley School District.  Parents are required to abide by the Parent Portal Acceptable User Policy guidelines, such as:

  1. Once the account is set up, parents will NOT share their passwords with anyone, including their children.

  2. Parents will not attempt to harm or destroy data of their own children, of another user, school or district network, or the Internet.

  3. Parents will not use the portal for any illegal activity, including violation of Data Privacy laws.  Anyone found to be violating laws will be subject to Civil  and/or Criminal Prosecution.

  4. Parents will not access data or any account owned by another parent.

  5. Parents who identify a security problem with the myCampus Parent Portal must notify the district office  

  6. Parents who are identified as a security risk to the myCampus Parent Portal will be denied access.

Your myCampus Parent Portal account will become active as soon as the Tech Center staff processes your request after filling out the below form.  The login information and instructions will arrive via email.  If you do not receive this email within a week of submitting the below online form, please contact Mrs. May at  This form does NOT need to be filled out each year.  Your account stays active until your child(ren) no longer attend Tri-Valley. If you want each parent/guardian to have their own login, please submit this form twice  Otherwise, only one account will be issued per household.

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Password desired for myCampus Parent Portal -- must be 6 characters or more & secure

Strong security uses 3 of 4 character types: UPPER CASE, lower case, numbers or symbols. Stay away from common words.  


I have read the Parent Portal User Policy stated above and I agree to abide by and support these rules.  I understand that if I violate any terms of this Acceptable Use Policy, that I may lose my privilege to use the Parent Portal, and may be liable for civil and/or criminal consequences.

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