Graphic Organizers

Downloadable/Web based/Online Interactive

Scroll down for premade ones.

PowerPoint Charts        Templates from Microsoft that make creating a graphic organizer in PowerPoint easy

PowerPoint Diagrams    Templates from Microsoft that make creating a graphic organizer in PowerPoint easy       Interactive graphic organizer, need to register

Cacoo        Create diagrams with online real-time collaboration

Gliffy        Create diagrams

Text 2 Mind Map    Convert simple outlined lists to a mind map that can be downloaded as a jpeg image

Graphic Organizers Machine        Create a graphic organize: Concept Webs, Time Lines, Venn Diagrams, KWL, SQ3R

Intel    Includes a Visual Ranking Tool; Seeing Reason Tool (cause and effect); and Showing Evidence Tool

Mind42    Create Mind Maps and invite others to collaborate, edit in real-time, and then publish to the internet

Read, Write, Think    Several graphic organizers including Venn Diagrams, Essay Map, Comparison and Contrast, Drama Map, Graphic Map and more

Recipes for Success    Generate customized graphic organizers


Education Oasis    A collection of graphic organizers categorized by skill (cause and effect; character; compare and contrast; and more)

edHelper Graphic Organizers    printable graphic organizers with graphics

Enchanted Learning Graphic Organizers    Printable graphic organizers

Freeology        Free printable graphic organizers

Graphic Organizers        Many ready-made, downloadable graphic organizers

Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension    Scholastic; graphic organizers designed specifically for improving reading comprehension       

Houghton Mifflin    A variety of printable graphic organizers

ReadingQuest    Graphic organizers designed for Social Studies that can be used cross-disciplines; many accompanied by instructions

TeacherVision        Ready-to-use graphic organizers

Tools for Reading Writing and Thinking        Graphic organizers for reading and writing