Booster Club Membership Drive

Want to support the Mustangs?  Become a member of the Booster Club. 

Just as our student athletes bring their many different talents to the team, we as Booster Club members come together to make a difference. This year, your membership dollars, along with the PTO and School administration, purchased re-usable face masks for all students and staff at Tri-Valley. Rosenbauer, one of our business members, also donated 500+ ear savers. While the Booster Club is typically associated with athletics, we are supportive of our Tri-Valley community. After all, we are in this together. Did you know that the Booster Club paid for the mural in the HS Gym, the fence cups by the football field/track, pays annually for the Hudl service, and purchased individualized laser training equipment for our athletes? Future projects we are working to raise funds for include wall mats for the ends of the High School Gym, annual donations to Pink for October, and more. These things are made possible through your membership dollars and support of Booster Club activities including apparel sales. Our Tri-Valley community needs you. 

See this Membership Form for how you can get involved.